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      Yinfeng Introduction


      Founded in 2004, Foshan Nanhai Yinfeng Sheet Co., Ltd. was originally a wooden products factory of Leadcom Seating Group, which was then split into Guangzhou city Lijun Furniture Co., Ltd. (specializing in the production of solid wood, wood panel finished products and accessories) and Nanhai Yinfeng Sheet (Qumu) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter known as: Yinfeng Co.).

      Yinfeng Co. has 16 hot press machines, two drying furnaces and fine finishing center; we have a team of experienced management and production staff incorporating more than 10 years of experience in curved wood production and machining

      We are specialized in integrated and split-style curved wood products, including fine veneer curved wood panels, laminate finished curved wood panels, fabric or leather upholstered inner panels. Yinfeng can provide customers with high strength, high quality E0 / E1 / E2 eco-curved wood panels. We have a long history selling our products to Europe, the United States and Japan and other developed countries.

      We focus on environmental protection, the use of clean energy, and has been awarded with an environmental protection certificate issued by the government

      Motto: Customer-focused, servicing customers, providing service to create value!

      Rest assured that every project you get our best